Tracks eraser Pro

Your computer tracks your activities, and saves the information to the hard disk, including : the web sites you have visited - web pages, pictures, movies, videos, cookies, etc.., the Windows Run history, recent documents, temporary files, open/save dialog box, etc; applications like Office, Realplayer, Mediaplayer, QuickTime,Winzip also log where you have been ; your web browser's built-in privacy functions will not protect you as much information can not be removed manually.

Tracks eraser pro can delete the history folders in Internet Explorer (cookies, temporary files, browsing history) as well as the list of recently consulted documents. It can delete certain cookies while keeping those that are useful for you, and can even erase the invisible index.dat file that records all your movements on the Internet.

You can program the automatic deletion of files, specifying the frequency and time of the operation (at the launch of Windows, at shut-down etc.)

Tracks that stores on your computer:
  • Location Bar History : the websites you visit - Windows' won't remove them
  • Cookie : Web sites place small [ text ] files on your browser to keep track of your on-line activity. Cookies are really useful when you want a web site to auto-sign you into a registration process. These cookis are used to track you through the site. With Tracks Eraser , you can select which cookies you want to erase and which to keep.
  • Cache (Temporary Internet Files ) & History : Your browser saves visited web pages, and their images, to your hard drive whether you clicked on them or didn't. This is to save you from having to re-download the information on your next visit. It also means that a lot of data is being saved to your hard drive. Anyone who uses your computer can discover your browsing habits.
  • Autocomplete Memory : Internet Explorer stores a record of nearly everything that you type into any web-site form : keywords typed into a search engine, your personal information- your name and address, and more.
  • Index.dat : index.dat contains sites visited and index of cookies which can not be erased manually. Even if you clean up your cache, cookies, and history from within the Internet Explorer browser , the index.dat files can not be erased and will continue to store information about what web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved.
  • IE Plug-Ins : They provide functions that the browser can not. Some chat room and games may use plug-ins to accomplish special functions
  • Recent Documents : This lists the most recent 15 documents that you have accessed. Any of them can be opened by clicking on the document's name.
  • Windows Search History : Windows saves these files so that when you want to do searches, you don't need to re-enter the information. This lets others know what you have been searching.
  • Office Recent Documents : Other than Recent Documents above, the Office Recent Documents file stores recently-accessed office files - Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, etc. - in the system registry. They are not deleted when you delete Recent Documents.
  • Other Applications : Most applications and programs store recently- accessed files and history data. To prevent others seeing them, you can erase them with Tracks Eraser Pro's free plug-ins. ..



$ 29.95
Windows (all)
1.6 Mo

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