Because spyware closely resembles any other type of program, SpyCop uses detection techniques that can take a long time. However, it means that it is very efficient, even in cases where the owner merely updates their spyware program. So if the program "Spy v1.0" is updated to "Spy v2.0", SpyCop detects the intrusion even if "Spy 2.0" is not yet referenced in its database. This feature is only available when the "SuperDetective" mode is activated.

  • Virus scanners don't detect monitoring spyware Firewalls don't stop monitoring spyware
  • Spyware can be installed remotely Spyware can capture & record every web site you visit
  • Spyware can capture & record chat converstations Spyware can capture & record emails
  • Spyware can capture & record passwords Spyware can capture and record credit card info
SpyCop has an option to scan only the files that have been created or modified since the last system analysis, which makes the operation shorter. Nevertheless, if your computer is used by many people, it is not recommended to use this feature. Spyware spreads very quickly and regular use of SpyCop is advisable.

Spot the Spy !
  • Whether you are simply a home user or a Corporation, you can now get protected with SpyCop.
  • SpyCop DEEP SCANS your system looking for any known computer monitoring spy programs.
  • SpyCop can rename the detected spy program's files to disable them and even let you know when it was installed !
  • SpyCop appears to be a standard Windows utility to most spy programs out there, so the spy won't know that YOU know!



$ 69.95
Windows (all)
1.3 Mo

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