Did you know that your computer can be cleaned? Most software stores information about how you use your computer: the documents you have accessed, the messages sent, etc. Web sites place cookies on your machine that contain information about your browsing and hackers place spywares on your machine. Therefore anyone is able to see what you have been doing. What's more, this stored information can take up a considerable amount of space if you don't deal with it regularly.

Of course, it is possible to delete cookies within your browser or spyware manually. But these operations can quickly become repetitive and fastidious.

The solution is to use a cookie 'muncher', cookie filter or Anti-Spyware. They perform regular, automatic clean-ups of your machine. In partnership with 24pm.

You know by now that your computer keeps a trace of all your comings and goings on the Internet. This isn�t much of a problem if you are the only person to use your computer, but if other people have access, they can find out what sites you have been visiting. Every image from every site you visit is stored on your hard disk drive. In some cases, this could be rather compromising, couldn�t it? To avoid finding yourself in this kind of embarrassing situation or simply because you don�t like these attacks on your privacy, try Tracks eraser pro.

Privacy is a subject that is frequently in the news, particularly in relation to the development of the Internet. Online purchases, reservations, personalized information retrieval, requests for information and network games are all occasions where you may have to provide personal information such as your name, address, centers of interest, etc. However, with a little vigilance and by taking care not to stock certain data on your computer, it is possible to protect yourself. To help you in this task, the company Webroot has developed its Window Washer software.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are being spied upon? That someone knows everything you are doing on your computer? Since most spy software is invisible, how would you know for sure if this is the case? And even if you managed to detect a spy, how would you get rid of it? Xcleaner actively fights back against the spies, and participates in the protection of individual privacy.

Are you concerned that cunning companies and users may be using spyware to monitor your browsing habits? Or angry that your personal profile could be being sold for profit? You are not the only one.
SpyCop is software for the protection of Internauts� private lives from "undetectable" spy programs. It detects all types of "exceptional" activity that could be the sign of a spy on your machine.

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